As a huge reality TV fan — and former Survivor and The Amazing Race contestant — The White Lotus creator Mike White knows the dramatic value of an all-star season.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter about season 2 of his Emmy-winning HBO drama, White discussed the possibility of bringing characters back in future seasons. "It would be easy to just be full-on anthology, but I think it's more fun to have little threads through the show," he said. "If the show goes on for a couple of seasons, it would be fun to have an all-star season."

Though it would be tough for Jennifer Coolidge's fan-favorite Tanya — may she rest in watery peace — to make a comeback, there is one character already set for a season 3 return. "Belinda is back, baby!" tweeted season 1 star Natasha Rothwell in April, when news of her casting broke. Connie Britton, who played wealthy tech CFO Nicole Mossbacher in season 1, told Deadline last year that she and White have discussed a possible season 3 appearance for her character as well.

White also hinted to Esquire earlier this year that Greg — Tanya's greedy, duplicitous husband played by Jon Gries in seasons 1 and 2 — could also make a comeback. "I think as far as like, what happens to Greg and the conspiracy of Tanya's death, it's possible that I think Portia is scared enough to just leave it alone, but the fact that all of those guys die on the boat, it feels like there's gotta be somebody who's gonna track it back down to Greg. But maybe you'll have to wait to find out what happens."

The third season of The White Lotus is reportedly set in Thailand, but production has been put on hold due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike.

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